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Feature Requests / Re: Grouping Objects
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on March 12, 2019, 03:56 PM »
Hello xwijnix,

yes, definitely a good suggestions, and not the first time that we hear it from e!Sankey users.

So in your process you have an additional text element that is placed on the process symbol. The process label itself will move with the process (at the same releative position) when you move it. However, since the additional text label is not fixed to the process, it will not move when you drag the process.

Grouping as we know it from Power Point graphics is definitely a good idea... Currently you would have to make a selection frame around the process, make sure you capture all elements in the selection, then drag the selected elements.

I will let you know here in the forum once a grouping feature moves up in our implementation sequence.

Thanks for your suggestion.
Feature Requests / Re: Bulk Export
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on March 12, 2019, 03:49 PM »
Hello xwijnix,

thanks for your idea / feature request for bulk exporting multiple open Sankey diagrams. I assume these diagrams would all have the same export settings and file type...

Anybody else here who would like to give a +1 for this request, please feel free to comment.
Feature Requests / Bulk Export
« Last post by xwijnix on March 11, 2019, 10:20 PM »
A useful feature would be able to export all, or a selection of the open sankey diagrams at once. For several reports I have 6-7 sankey diagrams - it would be great to be able to bulk export them rather than doing it one by one.
Feature Requests / Grouping Objects
« Last post by xwijnix on March 11, 2019, 04:35 AM »

It would be extremely useful to be able to group objects together - for example grouping processes with secondary labels, or grouping labels together, or grouping processes together. This would make it easy to move groups of objects around when otherwise you would have to individually select items.

Example attached, where I have a heat pump with label showing the COP. This label dynamically adjusts based on live links. I would like to be able to group the label and process so I can easily move them together rather than always having to select both before moving.

Feature Requests / Re: [IMPLEMENTED] Redraw default arrow routes
« Last post by demarti on February 06, 2019, 09:16 PM »
It's a good news ;)
Deutsches Support-Forum (German) / Ankündigung: Neue Version e!Sankey 5
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on February 04, 2019, 11:09 AM »
Wir freuen uns, die neue Version e!Sankey 5 ankündigen zu können, die im Sommer 2019 erscheinen wird.

Der genaue Funktionsumfang dieser neue Version ist noch nicht final entschieden. Es gibt aber eine Reihe von Features, die bereits fertiggestellt sind, und deshalb auf jeden Fall in e!Sankey 5 enthalten sein werden.

  • Erweiterte Bilanzprüfung (Einstellungen für relative/absolute Toleranz zwischen Input und Output)
  • Klickbare Elemente im Sankey-Diagramm: öffnen von Dateien, URLs, oder anderen Sankey-Diagrammen
  • Diagrammexport im SVG-Format (Vektorgraphikformat), interaktive SVG Bilddateien erstellen
  • Live Link zu Microsoft Excel unterstützt zukünftig auch SharePoint
  • Öffnen/Speichern von Sankey-Diagrammen von/nach Cloud-Diensten (u.a. OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • Benutzungsoberfläche auf Chinesisch (vereinfacht, zh-CN)
  • ... und vieles mehr! (Wir werden nach und nach hier weitere Features nennen)

Webseite zur neuen Version e!Sankey 5

Alle Kunden, die ab dem 01.02.2019 eine oder mehrere e!Sankey-Lizenzen erwerben, erhalten das Update auf e!Sankey 5 kostenlos!. Es gibt also keinen Grund zu warten: Sie können heute bereits mit der aktuellen Version beginnen, Sankey-Diagramme zu erstellen. Sobald die neue Version erschienen ist, senden wir Ihnen diese ohne weitere Kosten sofort zu. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, os kontaktieren Sie uns bitte  unter

Die Nutzer bestehender e!Sankey-Lizenzen, werden von uns rechtzeitig vor dem Release angeschrieben und erhalten eine attraktives Angebot für den Umstieg von der aktuellen Version auf e!Sankey 5.
Announcements / Announcing new major version e!Sankey 5
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on February 04, 2019, 10:54 AM »
We have been working over the last couple of months on a new main version release. We will be publishing the new e!Sankey 5 in summer 2019.

The final set of features to be expected in this new version has not yet been defined, but there are a number of functions we have already implemented, and therefore are confirmed to be included in e!Sankey 5.

  • Extended balance check (settings for relative/absolute tolerance)
  • Clickable elements in Sankey diagrams: Open files, URLs, or other Sankey diagrams
  • High-res export in SVG file format (vector graphics format), interactive SVG images
  • Live Link to Microsoft Excel supports files in cloud storages
  • Open/Save of Sankey diagrams from/to cloud services: One Drive for Business (SharePoint), One Drive, Dropbox
  • Chinese GUI (Chinese Simplified, zh-CN)
  • ... and much more! Watch this space for more announcements

Website on new version e!Sankey 5

For all customers deciding to purchase a license of e!Sankey now, we will be adding the update to e!Sankey 5 free-of-charge! So no need to wait. You can start drawing attractive Sankey diagrams today. Once the new version has been released, we will inform you and send you the update at no extra cost. Contact us for more information at

Our existing e!Sankey users will be contacted in time with an attractive offer for an update from their current version to the new e!Sankey 5.
General Discussion / Poll on offline help usage in e!Sankey
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on January 10, 2019, 01:43 PM »
e!Sankey 4 comes with an offline help file in German and English. This is stored locally on the hard disk and can be called via Menu Help > Help Topics or directly from some dialog windows (e.g. 'Edit Unit Types' window) via a 'Help' button.

Offline help files have to be maintained and updated regularly (typically requiring an update of the installation file and hence a new software version release). Additionally, it has long been rumored that Microsoft will cease to support the CHM help files.

We want to know from you: do you actually use the F1/Help offline help file? What would you think if no more offline help file would be available in the next e!Sankey major release? Choose one option in the poll above and send us your comment below.
Feature Requests / Re: Redraw default arrow routes
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on January 03, 2019, 01:01 PM »
This feature has been implemented in the following way: Select multiple arrows (multi-edit) and choose "Delete All Points" from any context menu of an arrow. Added waypoints will be removed and arrow will revert to their default routing.

Available from e!Sankey 4.5.3 (update will be made available on our download servers soon).
Feature Requests / Re: Curviness of arrows
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on November 28, 2018, 10:45 AM »
Hello Ashok,

thanks for your input. It is great to hear that you like e!Sankey.

1. Can we have the arrow head and arrow tail boxes unchecked as default. We can turn it on when required. i have also used online tools for sankey and i think most of the flows arrow doesn't have an arrow head and tail and visually it looks good without head/tail

I guess that you have the typical alluvial diagrams or distribution diagrams in mind (see here), where the nodes are linked by non-directed bands rather than by directed arrows. These bands without visible heads or tails are very popular indeed, in particular when they are used to visualize relationships between categories, rather than flow between nodes.

We have decided to have arrow heads and tails turned on in the default template, because in many other Sankey diagrams (=other than the alluvial or distribution diagrams, which can be considered as sub-set of the Sankey diagrams), people want to show the direction of flow.

It is no problem to have no arrow head and tail by default. Just create a template in your preferred style, and save it as a Sankey template (.santem). Then define your preferred template as default. All Sankey diagrams you create from that moment will have by default arrow head and arrow tail boxes unchecked.

Have a look at the attached alluvial diagram attached to this post. It is one of the templates I use.

2. One major difference i could see between this application and an online sankey diagram creators is that the look and feel is better than this one. The style and graceful look of the curviness of arrows definitely beats this version. Please check The more or less sharp bend of flow lines in esankey could be improved to have much more curviness and the transition from curve to straight and vice versa is not gradual and smooth.

Yes, I agree, these soft curves look very nice. I think the main reason behind this is that the online tools based on d3.js sankey use a drawing alorithm based on Bézier curves, while e!Sankey doesn't. We have discussed the idea of offering Bézier curves as an alternative drawing style, but there are also some downsides to it...

You can get close to the Bézier curve style by reducing the length of the first/last arrow segement (from the node to the yellow arrow point) and setting a higher curviness value in the arrow properties. Both settings are also defined as options, so if you like the arrows rounder and with softer curves, I recommend you set a short arrow segment default and a high curviness default in the options.

The attached Sankey diagram has smoother curves, but yes, these are not arrows based on Bézier curves.

What do the others e!Sankey users think? Should we also implement arrows based on Bézier curves as an alternative drawing style?
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