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Technical Support / Re: Issue with v4.2.1.833 / Entries panel
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on February 01, 2017, 01:48 PM »
Our developers were able to identify the reason for this error and could already fix it. We are now conducting further in-depth tests, and will release an official update in the coming days.

Should you be affected by this issue, please contact
Inzwischen haben wir den Fehler identifiziert und behoben. Derzeit laufen noch einige Tests, und in den kommenden Tagen werden wir ein Update für alle unsere Kunden der Version 4 bereitstellen.

Wenn Sie von diesen Problem (s.o.) betroffen sind, und unmittelbar eine Lösung benötigen, sprechen Sie bitte unseren e!Sankey Help Desk an.
Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Issue with v4.2.1.833 / Entries panel
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on February 01, 2017, 11:28 AM »
We have been receiving several notices from customers in the last 2 days, that an eror message pops up (related to "Parameter name: rowIndex") when closing a Sankey diagram, or sometimes also when performing other actions in the software.

With the help of our users we have now identified that this issue only seems to exist with the latest release of e!Sankey 4 on Windows 7 computers, and is linked to a hidden/closed "Entries" panel. Further, this happens on computers with the latest Windows Update.

We are currently working on a hotfix (patch). We will inform affected users and post here in the forum once we have released an update.

In the meantime we recommend our users that receive this error message to avoid hiding / closing the "Entries" window panel.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

For further information please contact the e!Sankey Help Desk (
Wir erhalten seit ca 2 Tagen vermehrt Support-Anfragen, bei denen eine Fehlermeldung (Parameter name: rowIndex) berichtet wird. Diese Meldung tritt beim Schließen eines Diagramms auf, bisweilen auch bei anderen Aktionen.

Mit den Hinweisen unserer Anwender, konnten wir inzwischen feststellen, dass dieses Problem nur mit der aktuellsten Version e!Sankey 4 auf Windows 7 Rechnern auftritt, und nur im Zusammenspiel mit einem ausgeblendeten/geschlossenen Fenster "Einträge". Außerdem scheinen nur Rechner mit dem neuesten Windows-Update betroffen.

Derzeit arbeiten wir an einem Hotfix (Patch) für diesen Fehler.

In der Zwischenzeit empfehlen wir unseren Anwendern, die mit dieser Fehlermeldung konfrontiert sind, auf das Ausblenden (Schließen) des Fensters "Einträge" zu verzichten.

Wir informieren die betroffenen Anwender und hier im Forum, sobald ein Update für dieses Problem verfügbar ist. Für die entstandenen Unannehmlichkeiten bitten wir um Entschuldigung.

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte jederzeit an unseren Support (
Technical Support / Re: changing order of stacked arrows
« Last post by Jörn Zietz on January 26, 2017, 12:27 PM »
Hi Andrew,

in addition to Peters post, I would like to show a variation to the last approach to get one single arrow head for all incoming and one for all outgoing arrows (at same side of a process).

I have inserted an intermedia process to sort the zorder at the left side. At the right side I have added one arrow for incoming and one for outgoing. In these arrows I added one flow each containing the sum of the inputs and the outputs.

The intermediate process is not hidden in the attachment and arrow borders are switched - just to make clear, what I have done.

Best regards,
Technical Support / Re: changing order of stacked arrows
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on January 26, 2017, 09:38 AM »
Hi andrew,

I see you are really getting into the subtleties of Sankey diagrams....  ;)

In the attached image, the arrows don't form a joint arrow head, since there are arriving and departing arrows on the same side of the process node.

One approach to sort this out would be to have all arriving flows on one side, and all departing flows on another side of the process node. If you (temporarily) switch the "Connectivity" setting in the Process Properties to "Left-to-Right", arrows will enter from the left, and leave the process to the right. Then, of course, this is not always possible due to a specific desired arrow routing.

If you intend to have all arrows on one side of the process (incoming and outgoing) then manual stacking using the "Z-Order" option is indeed the right approach. Move all outgoing arrows to the forward element layer, and all incoming to the background layers. At least the arrows will be grouped and not "mixed".

And finally, if you actually want a joint arrow head for all arriving and a joint arrow base/foot for all outgoing arrows while they are still attached to the same side of the process node, then I would recommend to actually make one (small, hidden) process for the arriving arrows, and another one for the departing arrows. From this process one arrow then leads to the actual process node, and one arrows comes from it. Nevertheless, this only works when you have enough space.

Edit: I have added three pics to visualize what I mean. Even so, I personally would opt for having the incoming (green) arrows on one side, and the outgoing (red) arrows on the other side of the process, if there are no general constraints regarding the layout.
Technical Support / Re: missing portions of arrow spikes
« Last post by pbeilschmidt on January 26, 2017, 09:13 AM »
Hello andrew,

my wild guess is that another hidden arrow is arriving at the top of the "waste, WWTP" process node,  to the left of the arriving green arrow. Are you able to click in that region and select an arrow? (Alternatively, try CTRL+A to select all elements).

If you are using the option "Hide Flows with Quantity equal to Zero" and there is actually an arrow with a joint arrow head that contains no flow quantity, this could cause the effect.
Technical Support / changing order of stacked arrows
« Last post by andrew on January 26, 2017, 06:23 AM »
Hi all,
I have a situation much like that of Figure 39 in the manual: multiple flows coming from multiple processes into a single process.  In my case, the mass flow is the same for all flows (as opposed to the example Fig. 39, with sand, water, etc.)

Instead of making a nice, 'cooperative' arrow pointing towards the destination process, each flow makes its own arrow (as shown in attached).  When zoomed in, this is okay, but at the scale of the entire diagram, it's hard to see if each flow is coming in or out.

Toggling between "Sort by Angle" and "Sort by ZOrder" of the receiving process does change the vertical order of the incoming flows, but doesn't change this single vs. unified arrow. 

Do you all have any helpful hints?  Sorry if this has been addressed already.  I didn't see it...


Technical Support / missing portions of arrow spikes
« Last post by andrew on January 26, 2017, 06:15 AM »
Hi all,
I am occasionally missing a portion of arrow spikes.  It appears to be everything on one side of the incoming flow.  I have not been able to fix it by changing arrow spike widths, nor by turning arrow spikes off and on again.  Moving processes around (i.e., farther away from each other) sometimes helps, but not consistently. 

With apologies that I cannot describe the cause of this behavior, I am wondering if there is an easy solution, by chance?

Hi Peter,
Thanks very much for your answers.  I know that no tool is perfect, but this software is certainly helping address some complex systems.
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