Author Topic: Looking for Beta Testers for e!Sankey 2.0  (Read 6151 times)

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Looking for Beta Testers for e!Sankey 2.0
« on: April 02, 2008, 02:17 PM »
We will be starting the beta tests of e!Sankey 2.0 in late April, and are inviting volunteers who wish to participate.

The upcoming version will have a number of new features, such as an interface to MS Excel, new diagram features, and more.

It would be helpful, although it is not required, if you are already a user of e!Sankey 1.x

If you are interested to beta test e!Sankey 2.0, please send an e-mail to
In your e-mail, please tell us about yourself, and give us some details on the specification of the PC (operating system, memory), on the Excel version, and on the printer/plotter you would be using.

We would expect beta testers to be willing to submit their test results in written, or to be available for an interview at the end of the testing period.

For the e!Sankey dev team,

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