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Update e!Sankey 2.5.1 released
« on: May 26, 2010, 05:39 PM »
We have release an updated version e!Sankey 2.5.1.

The new version number is Registered users will be notified on the start page of e!Sankey with a link to the download page. If the update notification service has been deactivated or blocked, the installation file can also be downloaded directly from here.

Full administrator rights are required for instalaltion. Before installing, please uninstall the previous 2.x version of e!Sankey (Control Panel > Add/Remove Software or Start > All Programs > e!Sankey 2.x > Uninstall e!Sankey). Then run the downloaded installation file. Note that it is not required to enter the license key again.

Changes in version
- Element size in px is shown when creating an element or changing its size in the editor
- Improvement for LiveLink: negative values from Excel are converted to zeros, the LiveLink will be maintained
- Improved validation for flow quantity input in arrow properties (negative values)
- Process symbol: separate on/off options for border line and fill color, also works in combination with process image
- Labels and Text Labels: Fixed issue with bounding text box size and font changes
- Changed save behaviour working on a diagram that was restored after an exception occured.
- Bugfix: Display of scale in in conjunction with option 'Show Red Arrow Lines as Warning...'
- Bugfix: Problem with drawing a line (as additional graphical element) in the French language version
- Bugfix: F1 help call should now work properly everywhere
- several other bug fixes
- corrections in the interface translations (French, Spanish, Portuguese)
- updated help file
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