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Title: Known Issue e!Sankey 5: Connecting to Dropbox using Edge browser
Post by: pbeilschmidt on December 02, 2019, 08:19 AM
We are aware of one issue in the new version e!Sankey 5 when connecting to a Dropbox account and using Microsoft Edge as default web browser. An error message will be thrown and connecting to the Dropbox is not possible.

This is due to security settings in Windows. Two workarounds are possible.
1) Use a different web browser (temporarily set Crome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or other as you default web browser, then connect to the Dropbox
2) In Control Panel > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet  > Sites uncheck the boxes for "Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones" and "Include all sites that bypass the proxy server". Then save the settings and restart Edge.