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[New Feature v3.0] Multi Element Edit
« on: May 30, 2011, 06:03 PM »
The multi element edit feature in the new e!Sankey 3.0 version allows editing multiple selected elements of the same type.

In the Sankey diagram select one or more diagramm elements (or even the whole diagram using STRG+A).
In the properties panel a dropdown box allows to choose the element type for which a property change is to be made. All actions in the property panel will be applied to the selected elements of this type.

Among the many multi element edit options are, for example:

- Show/Hide process border
- Change process fill color
- Show/Hide processes
- Show/Hide process label
- Change connectivity setting

- Show/Hide arrow flow label
- Show/Hide arrow border
- Turn Arrow head/tail on/off
- Change rounded setting

Labels & Text Elements:
- Change font
- Change color
- Change angle
- Change alignment

and many more...

In the attached screenshot you can see that changes would affect eleven selected processes.
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