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Change Log for e!Sankey
« on: June 25, 2007, 01:55 PM »
Here is a change log for the version 1.2. of e!Sankey (released June 22, 2007):

- New option in Process Properties: Stacking Order by Angle/by Z-Order. This option allow to manage the order in which stacked arrows are connected to the process.
- New unit type 'Percentile' (%)
- New option 'Highlight Invisible Source and Destination Processes for Selected Arrows'. This option will help when processes are set to invisible.
- New feature: warning message when red arrow line indicates that arrow can not be drawn properly.
- Fixed problem with trial license validity check (in some cases the test version expired on the first day of the trial period).
- Fixed problem with progress bar freeze when storing a file
- Fixed problem with update of 'Recent Files' list
- Fixed bug: Invisible process became visible when doing copy&paste
- Fixed bug: Page borders were ignored in printout when 'Fit To Page' was selected.
- Fixed several minor bugs
- Updated help file
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