Author Topic: Hint: Z-Order for crossing arrows and turning transparency off  (Read 6237 times)

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    • e!Sankey - show the flow.
Here is another hint for handling crossing arrows in e!Sankey:

The Z-Order of arrows (the layer on the drawing area) can be influenced with the command 'Bring Forward' or 'Send Backward' from the context menu of an arrow. Using 'Bring To Front' brings the selected arrow all the way to the front, while 'Send to Back' sends it to the last layer of the diagram.

The blue arrow is in front, the pink arrow is in the back (still visible with transparency turned on)

The blue arrow is send backward, the pink arrow is now on the top layer (blue arrow visible with transparency turned on)

When arrows cross each other, the superimposed arrow can still be seen, because the default color setting for flow colors has a transparency of 25%. If you wish to turn off the transparency, remove the tick mark for the option 'Show Flows with Transparency' on the Diagram page of the Options dialog. (This is a new option introduced in e!Sankey 1.2)

In the last image the transparency for arrows has been turned off...
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