Author Topic: Energy balance of a family home (sample Sankey diagram)  (Read 11268 times)

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Energy balance of a family home (sample Sankey diagram)
« on: August 09, 2007, 05:05 PM »
One of our users from Germany sent us a rather nice diagram and agreed we can post it as a sample on our website.

This Sankey diagram (in German) shows the energy balance of a family home. Many houses that were build before the 1980ies have a rather bad insulation and a lot of the heat gets lost due to heat leaks (thermal bridges) or insufficient external insulation.

In the diagram the group of flows in red colors are heat losses due to transmissions through walls, windows, doors, etc. The dark blue arrow shows heat loss through ventilation. The stacked purple/mauve flow represents heat losses at equipment and pipes.

Note: This is only a thumbnail of this image It is recommend to view the image in full size. The Sankey diagram has also been posted to our samples page.
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