Author Topic: What role plays e!Sankey in energy management?  (Read 8708 times)

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What role plays e!Sankey in energy management?
« on: November 27, 2012, 10:57 AM »
This question has been asked recently and I answered as follows (might also be interesting for other forum users)
The importance of energy management is increasing due to higher energy costs. Consequently, the relevance of efficient products, processes and companies is increasing too. To further improve energy efficiency constantly, standards as the ISO 50001 have been developed. They offer companies a guide to build up energy management systems (EMS). For this the understanding of dependencies between the company and sub processes are highly important to uncover optimization potentials. Right here e!Sankey enables to reveal complex company structures and production processes and to portray energy flows. The standards mention sankey diagrams as suitable tools to visualize energy and environmental issues. Beside the depiction of performance indicators it is possible to visualize automatically database information from electricity meters with the assistance of Excel.