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Change Log for e!Sankey 1.3
« on: March 05, 2008, 01:48 PM »
Here is a change log for the version 1.3 of e!Sankey (released March 05, 2008):

- New arrow comment labels to enter text for arrows, additionally to the automatically created arrow labels
- Additional, optional display of percent values for flows in the arrow labels. Percent values are shown in relation to the overall flow quantity in multi flow arrows, or in relation to the largest flow in the diagram, or in relation to an absolute value (always in respect to a particular unit type)
- Option for hiding print margin marks in printout
- Issue fixed, that caused invalid scheme when legend caption was turned off (saved diagram files could not be opened any more)
- Issue fixed, that produced a negative value warning for the print margin with some printer/plotter models.
- New or updated demo models
- Updated help file
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