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Hint: display percentage values automatically
« on: May 27, 2008, 04:29 PM »
A nice feature of e!Sankey 1.3 that may have passed almost unnoted is the calculation and display of percentage values. Percentage values can be added automatically to the arrow label.

This option can be turned on in the arrow label properties dialog for those arrows for which percentage values should be displayed.

For stacked Sankey arrows with several entries the option "Arrow" must be chosen. The percent values displayed will represent the contribution of the entires to the overall quantity in that arrow.

If you prefer to relate the percentage values to the maximum flow in the model, then choose "Model".

In the above image the flow of 100 MJ on the left is the largest one in the model. The percentage values for the other four flows branching off are calculated automatically.

Additionally, you can combine the "Model" option with an absolute scaling value in the Controller.

In this example the absolute value has been set to 200 MJ (note the option "Absolute quantity of each unit type"). The Sankey diagram shown above will adapt: 100 MJ is now 50% of the absolute maximum.

Please note that in this setting the percent values shown can also be larger than 100%.

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