Author Topic: "search and replace" features in the live link editor  (Read 4440 times)

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"search and replace" features in the live link editor
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:52 AM »
Dear e!Sankey-Team,

I often create similar Sankey diagrams for different data sets, as probably other users do, too. These data sets can be placed in different ranges (e.g. columns) on different sheets of one and the same Excel file.
To create the Sankey diagrams for these different data sets I edit each live link in the live link editor manually. So it would be a great help if the live link editor would provide a "search and replace" feature. Then I could easily change the sheet name or the column letter for all live links.

An alternative more sophisticated solution to this problem would be the introduction of a single reference point in kind of cell adress on certain sheet where all the other live links point to cells relavtively positioned to this reference point. Then the Sankey diagram could be easily adapted to different data sets by changing one reference point. I think this would quicken the creation of Sankey-Diagrams for many users by the enhanced ability of reusing templates.

Thank you!

Daniel Wesemeier

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Re: "search and replace" features in the live link editor
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2014, 01:55 PM »
Dear Daniel,

thank you for suggesting an e!Sankey feature. The first ideas sounds very good and we will definitly discuss this idea for the next release of e!Sankey.

A kind of workaround which can be used in the current version of e!Sankey: You can add Live Links to Microsoft Excel to a separate work sheet and realize the selection of diffent values with an Excel function. The Live Linked cells can retrieve their values with indirect references from different sheets or columns.

Your second idea seems to be good as well, but it is a bit in contrast to our realization of the Live Links. A single digram can contain live links to multiple workbooks. So I think it would be too complicated to configure different files and additionally grouping by reference points.

Best regards,
Jörn Zietz
Jörn Zietz
e!Sankey Team
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