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    • e!Sankey - show the flow.
New e!Sankey 4
« on: November 04, 2015, 09:03 AM »
The release is scheduled for the first week of November.

Here is a list of features added in the new version:
  • Kiosk Mode: Show Sankey diagram full screen (presentation mode)
  • Design Mode: Drawing area full screen, but with toolbar and edit features
  • Configurable legend: sort legend entries alphabetically by entry name, by group and entry name, custom sorting, configure legend entry display (group name, entry name, unit)
  • Search for entries and labels in Sankey diagram, jump directly to element found (see this forum post)
  • Direct paste of clipboard content: It is now possible to directly insert text or images. It is not required any more to explicitly set text label or image box first.
  • Set image transparency
  • Process balance: Checking inputs and outputs at process node per unit type, visual marker if sum of input not same as sum of output (see this forum post)
  • New percentage mode for Flow Content Label: Show percent of output from adjacent process / percent of input into adjacent process (within the same unit type)
  • Option to set grid size, show additional helper lines
  • Arrange process symbols equidistantly (at same distance)
  • Arrow Content Label custom format: define composition of arrow content label using keywords and parameters. Also use line breaks in flow label.
  • Fix Arrow Content Label to arrow segment (four orientations), label will stay locked to arrow when process with attached arrow is moved.
  • Improvements in Edit Live Links dialog: export list of Live Links, delete single Live Links
  • Reworked Edit Unit Types dialog: more comfortable to manage unit types, define units and conversion factors, activate balance check per unit type
  • Enter flow quantities in any of the units defined within the unit type, will be converted to basic unit. display of flow quantities in flow content label either in entry units or in basic unit
  • Two new clipart libraries with over 2000 icons for use in the diagrams
  • Reworked licensing dialog
  • New start page with direct access to files
  • Many new sample Sankey diagrams e.g. for energy management, facility management
  • e!Sankey tutorial videos channel on YouTube
  • A number of bugs fixed

You can check out all new features in the e!Sankey 4 trial version.

Licenses purchased since July 1, 2015 mostly already include the update to version e!Sankey 4. These customers will see a hint on the start page inviting them to download and install the new version. They will also receive a mailing informing them about the new release.

Registered users of older versions will also get an e-mail from us with an offer to update to e!Sankey 4 at a discounted price. 

Visit our online shop or contact our e!Sankey sales staff.
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