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New version e!Sankey 4.1 released
« on: June 24, 2016, 01:09 PM »
We have released a new version e!Sankey v4.1 today.

This is a free update for all users of e!Sankey version 4.

The main reason of this new version release is the support for floating licenses. Starting with e!Sankey 4.1 users can now obtain and use floating (concurrent) licenses. This allows installing e!Sankey on any number of computers, and share licenses within a work group or company. A license is blocked when a user starts to work with e!Sankey, and released again (so that it can be used by another user afterwards) when e!Sankey is closed.

Further we have taken the opportunity to make some smaller improvements and fix some bugs that have been reported. New or changed in e!Sankey v4.1:
  • Floating licenses (concurrent) now available, using a Floating License Service on server within your network
  • Adapted License Management dialog to be able to switch between local / floating licenses
  • Adapted splash screen, now shows status messages
  • New, leaner installer, detects operating system language automatically
  • e!Sankey now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (installer will try to download if not available on PC)
  • Improved internal logging for Live Links
  • Fixed bug where in some cases use of colour wheel led to an exception
  • Fixed bug with transparency setting in diagram background colour
  • Fixed some additional smaller errors
  • Fixed some translation errors

The availability of the update is signalled in the 'Version' panel on the right of the start page, if you have access to the Internet and the Update Notifier has not been disabled. Click on the link to download the installer file. Alternatively you can use the command 'Check for Updates' from the Help menu.

We shall inform registered user by e-mail about this new release within the next days.

Users who have no possibility to download the update should contact our help desk at
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