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Intermediate update e!Sankey v4.1.1.678
« on: August 05, 2016, 04:46 PM »
We have released an intermediate update e!Sankey v4.1.1.678

This is a free update for all users of e!Sankey version 4. The trial version available on the download page has also been updated, so that users wishing to test e!Sankey again can use this latest version.

This new version has two smaller features and contains a number of bugfixes
  • Added four buttons for element layer changes in main toolbar as alternative to call from context menu
  • Added 'Lock Position' options for image elements. This can be used to fix an image to its position to avoid accidental shifting e.g. of background images or maps
  • Fixed bug where .sankey files could not be stored when image files in .emf format were used in as process symbols
  • After installation of an update, e!Sankey now correctly starts in the language that had been selected by the user in the settings (previously always came up in English and didn't remember language settings)
  • In some cases reconnecting an arrow to another node (drag&drop red arrow point) wouldn't refresh the balance check warning symbol. Fixed
  • Fixed bug with sizing of legend box where text could overrun legend border
  • Fixed bug where sometimes copying&pasting a process symbol that contained an image/icon would lead to an error
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs
  • Improved some translations

The availability of the update is signalled in the 'Version' panel on the right of the start page, if you have access to the Internet and the Update Notifier has not been disabled. Click on the link to download the installer file. Alternatively you can use the command 'Check for Updates' from the Help menu.

Users who have no possibility to download the update should contact our help desk at
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