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New e!Sankey 4 SDK available
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:18 AM »
We have released the new version e!Sankey 4 SDK of our Software Development Kit. This latest release is e!Sankey SDK v4.4.1.3

This is a package destined for software developers and solution providers that intend to integrate Sankey diagram generation into their own applications, or automatically create Sankey diagrams from data they have in their systems.

For more details please read here or contact us at

The e!Sankey 4 SDK includes all required libraries (DLLs) for updating Sankey diagram templates, or creating new Sankey diagrams (using XML files) in the quality known from the e!Sankey 4 desktop software. It also comes with a number of examples and code snippets that will help you get a quick start to your implementation.

Check out:
  • XmlApiDemonstrator: sandbox application to see what elements of the Sankey diagram can be set and manipulated programmatically
  • XmlApiGenerateDiagram: create a distribution diagram (similar to the ones you know from d3.js Sankey, see screenshot below) with columns and a number of nodes per columns and link them with flows
  • CsvSeriesUpdater: update a Sankey diagram with data every second and watch the changes in a timeline

Also make sure you have a look at the API documentation and the technical documentation of the e!Sankey 4 SDK. Please, get in touch with us, if you wish to test the Software Development Kit for creating Sankey diagrams.
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