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New version e!Sankey 4.5 released
« on: May 25, 2018, 04:21 PM »
We have released a new version e!Sankey v4.5 on May 25, 2018.

This is a free update for all users of e!Sankey version 4.

The release brings new features for users preparing templates for use with e!Sankey SDK, but we have also used this opportunity and fixed a number of issues that were reported to us.

New or updated in e!Sankey v4.5:
  • Options dialog: moved all SDK related options to new 'Extended' tab
  • Lookup lists (CSV) with Tag IDs to be used for populating 'Key' fields, march list when typing in all 'Key' fields
  • Removed telemetry feature and anonymous usage statistics in e!Sankey calc (since v4.4) to be fully compliant with GDPR
  • Some minor corrections in translations to FR, PT
  • Some minor corrections in user manual
  • Bugfixing: Fixed error message when adding flows with different unit types to arrow via search dialog
  • Bugfixing: Text label angles between 359.5 and 359.999 degrees caused an error when using up/down buttons because they where rounded incorrectly to 360 degrees
  • Bugfixing: Arrow label did not hide zero flows when custom format was selected
  • Bugfixing: Process label did not hide for zero flows for some visibility settings
  • Bugfixing: Choosing 'transparent' as process fill color caused checkbox to activate/deactive fill color to remain unchecked

The availability of the update is signalled in the 'Version' panel on the right of the start page, if you have access to the Internet and the Update Notifier has not been disabled. Click on the link to download the installer file. Alternatively you can use the command 'Check for Updates' from the Help menu.

Users who have no possibility to download the update should contact our help desk at
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