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    • e!Sankey - show the flow.
New version e!Sankey 5.0 released
« on: November 25, 2019, 08:00 AM »
This new major product version 5 brings numerous new features. Several improvements have been made to further use experience and help create Sankey diagrams. Download a free 14-day trial version here.

  • new feature: support for cloud storage providers (SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, OneDrive, Dropbox) and cloud synchronized drives, new dialog for opening and saving of .sankey files and for exporting of image files. Recently used files lists indicate storage location. New dialog for opening and saving can be activated/deactivated in the options dialog
  • new feature: support of Live Links to Microsoft Excel files saved in the cloud: Set Live Link references (for SharePoint, OneDrive) and update Live Links to Excel source files stored in a cloud storage or on a cloud-synchronized drive. Adapted 'Edit Live Links' dialog, improved the update Live Link messages
  • new feature: supplements ('pro' and 'calc' version only) - linking documents, files and web links behind diagram elements, call linked files using F6 key in editor. For linked files call with file path or detect file name in same local folder as calling .sankey file. Possibility to export link to supplement in SVG graphics file (see below)
  • new feature: balance check tolerance settings with three options: 'Exact', 'Absolute Tolerance' and 'Relative Tolerance'
  • new feature ('pro' and 'calc' version only): export of diagrams in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file format. Either as simple SVG format (e.g. for further editing in Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Photoshop), or SVG with interactive elements for publishing/viewing in a browser environment.
  • new feature: docking of arrows at process - stacking from top/bottom and from left/right respectively in addition to default stacking around center line
  • new feature: possibility to temporarily hide flows of a specific entry in the Sankey diagram. Hidden entries are also not shown in the legend
  • new feature: new GUI language Chinese (simplified [zh-CN])
  • improved: new, overhauled and simpler installation assistant, also allowing for activation/deactivation of the license already in the course of the installation process
  • improved: multi-select of entries for adding flows into one or into several arrows
  • improved: new, modern Windows 10 style flat icon buttons, larger buttons in the toolbar
  • GUI Cleanup: less frequently used buttons have been removed from toolbar, commands can still be accessed from menus
  • GUI Cleanup: document option 'Show Red Lines as Warning' has been removed without replacement
  • GUI Cleanup: Start Center has been removed (there are still three ways to create a new Sankey diagram)
  • improved: double-click on a .sankey file in the Windows Explorer opens the file in a new tab (within a running e!Sankey instance)
  • improved: when a new unit type is created it is activated in the Controller by default
  • improved: if all entries related to a unit type are hidden (check mark in scale slider in Controller) then non-visible entries are now also hidden from legend
  • improved: dialog window 'Edit Live Links' now shows number of Live Links (total and Live Links contained in current Excel file)
  • improved: dialog window 'Keys in Diagram' now shows number of keys
  • improved: table 'Stocks' has been moved to a second tab in Process Properties, because of space considerations and because it is not used very often (pertains to 'pro' and 'calc' version only)
  • improved: Force Refresh not only draws the Sankey diagram anew, but also updates any existing Live Links
  • improved: two commands 'Add Entry' and 'Delete Entry' can now also be accessed via the context menu for entries
  • fixed: 'Fit to Screen' entry in the Print Preview dialog now displayed fully and selection persists even when changes are made to the print preview (e.g. switch from 'Landscape' to 'Portrait' orientation)
  • fixed: updated SharpZip.Lib component, responsible for an error that could occur on opening a Sankey file when a special region/language combination was set in the Windows Regional Settings (error '1 is not a supported code page')
  • fixed: Initialization of 'Lower Flow Threshold' in the document properties for newly created unit types
  • fixed: Display of existing files in the image export standard dialog would not work when file type was set to 'PNG' (error was noted only in the French language version)
  • fixed: Setting the check mark for option 'Original Size' in the image element properties after it had been removed now returns to the original size of the image
  • updated GUI translations (DE, FR, ES, PT)
  • updated user manual (DE and EN)
  • new clipart library
  • new demos and template files

Download a free 14-day trial version here. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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