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cannot change unit
« on: May 13, 2020, 03:56 PM »
My  diagram seems to be stuck with the default  unit "energy" . I followed the instructions on how to edit unit, but there  is no drop down list of different units appearing.
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Re: cannot change unit
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2020, 10:09 AM »
Hello ltjudd,

You can define and use any unit for the flows you want. Unit types and units are managed in the 'Edit Unit Types' window, that opens with a button from the 'Controller' pane on the right side.

My guess is, that you are working with one of the pre-defined templates for Sankey diagrams, that come with the software. You can see those templates listed on the first column on the start page under the "New Document" heading.
  • The first template only contains the "Energy" unit type (with 'kWh' as the basic unit and a number of other units with conversion factors).
  • The second template has only the "Mass" unit type (with 'kg' as the basic unit and a number of other units with conversion factors
  • Then there is one that combines "Mass" and "Energy"
  • The fourth one is the default templates from the previous version e!Sankey 4
  • And there are numerous more templates (one of them even has 14 different unit types to choose from) in the template folder (check 'Options' to find the template folder)

These four templates cover the most common unit types mass and energy. So, you can either use the default template (which has only the "Energy" unit type) predefined, or select one of the other templates in the list. If you have a Sankey diagram that has a requirement for different unit types (such as "People", or "Cost", or "Count (Dimensionless)" or "Volume"), then you can use the 'Edit Unit Types' window in any of the diagram files, and define your own unit type.

If you happen to often draw Sankey diagrams with other unit types (dimensions) and specific units. Make sure you define them and save this as your own custom made template (additionally, maybe, set your template with your specific units as the default template, that opens every time when you hit the 'New Document' button in the toolbar=)

Read more about unit types and units in chapter 9 (page 69) of the e!Sankey user manual (opens via Menu Help).

If you need more specific help, you can always contact our support team directly via

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