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Balance Label - Invisible when no difference in/out
« on: October 12, 2020, 09:46 AM »
A video on our YouTube channel on 'Balance Check & Balance Label' has garnered some interest. One user asked how to make the balance label disappear when there is no difference between the input flow quantity and the output quantity. This is actually the second example shown in the video (from 02:18 to 02:30).

I'll explain this here in the forum, because it could be of interest for other users as well.

The balance label is turned on for this process (option 'Display Balance Label') in the process properties. It first appears in the default configuration with three lines (Input, Output, Difference).

You can then click the balance label and in the properties panel change to 'Custom'. This will open a small text box, where you can specify how you wish the balance label to look like.

The keywords and operators used can be found in the user manual on pages 47 to 49.

In this case the keyword string used is
Difference: {DiffSumOutMinusSumIn} {DiffUnitName}||showOnlyForBalanceWarning

The first part
Difference: {DiffSumOutMinusSumIn} {DiffUnitName}
defines the setup of the label (when visible) to show the word "Difference: " followed by the actual difference of output flows minus the input flows, and the unit (e.g. 'kg').

Following the two vertical lines (so-called 'pipes', Alt 124) are operators. Here we set
to indicate that the balance label should only be displayed if there is an actual balance warning.

The triggering of the balance warning depends on the setting in the Balance Check Configuration. It can be tested for an 'Exact' match (a very tiny difference between input and output would already trigger the balance warning), or you can define an absolute value for the tolerance, or a relative difference. The Balance Check Configuration is shown in the video at from 01:00 to 01:27).

Check it out. I will see if I can make the samples from the video available for download, and will link them here.
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