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Technical Support Forum: Read This First!
« on: August 29, 2006, 05:23 PM »
This is the technical support forum for e!Sankey. Please post your support queries and technical issues here. You must register to be able to post.

As a registered user of an e!Sankey license you can send your support inquiries directly to

Our tech staff will answer all support queries publicly, so that other users can benefit from the information as well. Please start a new topic for a new support query, unless you think your issue is related to an existing thread topic. This will help us to better follow up on the threads (and hopefully close them successfully).

The e!Sankey FAQ also contains numerous hints on technical issues (e.g. operating system related) and you should have a look there, if maybe your question has already been covered by an FAQ entry.

For feature requests and discussion on upcoming versions of e!Sankey please use the Feature Requests forum.
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