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Hint: using .santem template files
« on: December 12, 2006, 11:33 AM »
You can use template files for e!Sankey diagrams, in order to facilitate your work and reduce repetitive tasks. The template files have the extension '.santem'

Three template files are delivered with e!Sankey. They are shown in the "Templates" panel of the explorer bar, when no file is open.

You can create your own template files by saving a file with the extension '.santem' to the 'templates' folder of the e!Sankey installation directory.

Template files can contain:
- your specific entries with units and colors
- your unit types with units and color pallets
- Sankey diagram structures
- ...

You can also set the default template, used when clicking on 'New e!Sankey Diagram' in the Options dialog.
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