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Hint: using arrow points
« on: December 14, 2006, 10:04 AM »
An arrow between two process nodes has a number of points that are important for its routing. These points become visible when the arrow is clicked.

The yellow points (lug points or hook points) are created by default at the end of the first segment after at a horizontal or vertical offset from the process node, and at the beginning of the last segment of an arrow that is linked to the process node. These yellow points can only be moved horizontally or vertically, depending on the orientation of the base segment or head segment of the arrow to the process node. They can not be removed!

The gray points (also called bending point or waypoint) can be created on the arrow using the Add Point command from the context menu. Several gray points on one arrow possible. These points can be moved freely in X and Y directions, allows to insert bends/curves in an arrow. They also serve to create new arrow segments. However they can not be located between these process node border line and the yellow point (first and last arrow segment that hooks to the node).
Inserting a gray point leads to a check of the routing and possible rerouting/redrawing of the arrow. Instead of using the angle of the imaginary line between the centers of the process node to determine whether the exit must be horizontally or vertically, it will use the new gray point and the angle of its imaginary line to the process node center to recalculate and re-determine the exit direction.

The two images below show, how the yellow points can be used to improve the bending of stacked arrows in a Sankey diagram. The first one shows the yellow points all at the default distance, in the second picture the yellow point were slided outwards, in order to improve the aspect of the bended stacked arrow.

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