Author Topic: Did not find correct options to print - trial version of e-Sankey  (Read 6522 times)

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When printing a network with the option "paper size = A3" the preprint showed all the net in 1 page, and the indication in the bottom is also page 1 of 1.

However, the printout with a pdf maker (cute pdf) yielded 4 pages, and only the first one is printed at all.

Preceding was an attempt to print in 4 pages which failed also.

Maybe it is a problem of the pdf maker, maybe some formatting instruction is not updated correctly.

Screenshots and pdf file printed can be sent by mail on request: they are too large to be posted.

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Re: Did not find correct options to print - trial version of e-Sankey
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2006, 07:12 PM »
I could reproduce it with our pdf maker (FreePDF-XP).
But the reason is the configuration of the pdf maker.
I tried the following:
* open the folder "printer and fax" in the start menu
* right click on the printer driver "FreePDF XP"
* select "printer settings" (the 3rd entry)
* in the dialog window the button on the right bottom (german "Erweitert...", should be "Extended...")
* in the following dialog window I see a tree view with the option "paper size" near the top.
* this option I set to "A3"

Now I set up the default paper size for this driver. It works. I know it's more or less a workaround.

If I set the paper size to "A3" in the printer setup dialog in e!Sankey, press OK and open up the dialog twice the paper size is switched to "Letter". I think it's a bug. We will fix it in the next year  ;)

Happy New Year!

Jan Hedemann
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