Author Topic: Hint: how to produce diagrams without visible process symbols  (Read 5770 times)

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    • e!Sankey - show the flow.
Some of you might have wondered how you can do the Sankey diagrams with arrows that end "in the open" (i.e. without ending in a process).

In e!Sankey you always draw an arrow between two processes. So, in this case the process nodes are invisible.

To hide a process symbol, click it and remove the tick mark "Display Process" in the Process Properties. You can still relocate the process and the connected arrow when you click at where the process is (at the head or the tail of the Sankey arrow). The process label can be managed independently of the process symbol. In the image shown the process labels are used to indicate the "meaning" of the flow destination.

Feel free to post your opinion on these diagrams, or any other suggestion!

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