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Hint: how to make a loop in a Sankey diagram
« on: February 07, 2007, 06:10 PM »
Time for a new hint! Today: How to draw a loop arrow in the Sankey diagram?

Since arrows are drawn from a (originating) process to a (destination) process, and because the originating and the destination process can not be identical, we must use an intermediate process for the loop. This process can then be hidden, so that it is seems as if the arrow would form a direct loop. The gray marker points (insert them with the command 'Add Point' from the context menu of the arrow) help to give the loop a specific routing.

The two samples below show to alternatives solutions for a loop, one with an explicit process, the other with a hidden process.

In the first image (Loop 1) the process is explicitly visible. This could represent, for example, a recycling process. In the other diagram (Loop 2) the process symbol and label have been hidden, however, in order to be able to determine the flow direction, a small gap has been left and the arrow head and tail of the connected arrows are shown.
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